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Why should I not go for the cheapest lawnmower at a large retailer?

Times are tough and we all compare prices and try to buy the product that we think will work at the cheapest price.

This could possibly work if you know exactly what you need.  Unfortunately, we find that the large discount retailers’ staff is not experts in what they are trying to sell to you. It is very possible that they are not going to give you the best advice and you might need to purchase a different machine very soon. Quality lawn mowers come fitted with features like dual ball bearing wheels, vibration dampened folding handles, a powerful, economical easy to start motor from a reputable manufacturer, a large cutting deck and catcher. High end models are also equipped with features like a self-propelled drive system, a light-weight aluminium chassis and wheels.

Another big factor to take into consideration is whether you will get the spares that you require when you need them.

When it comes to price comparisons, consider what your property investment was. How much time you enjoy at your property, whether it is your home of your office. How much time do you want to spend making sure that you can enjoy and brag about your garden?

it is all a matter of perspective!

final thoughts

Spending that little bit extra will give you a machine that is strong, long-lasting, and more efficient to use with reduced maintenance and repair costs. No need to replace the blades every few months, and the added extras will save you both time and money in the long run.

Depending on how often you intend on using your lawn mower, how large the lawn is, and the type of surface area it is going to tackle, a cheap lawn mower could end up making lawn maintenance a chore rather than a pleasure. Therefore Your lawn mower is one of the most used and valued garden tools in your shed, it is always better to spend a little more on a quality model. This not only ensures that you can keep your lawn in the best possible condition, but it will also work out to be lighter on the pocket.

How often should I service my lawnmower?

The service requirements of your lawnmower depends very much on how often you use it and what the size is that you cut with your lawnmower.
On average, we would suggest servicing your lawnmower at least once a year.

Your investment in your garden equipment will only be of value to you if you ensure that it operates at peak performance.

Why is my lawn patchy?

Patchy, thin grass is usually an indicator of a bigger problem. It may be tempting to simply add fertilizer or spread grass seeds, but trying the wrong solution could make things worse. Until you know what’s causing the problem, you won’t be able to successfully overcome it.

Some causes for thinning grass include:

  • Compacted or hard soil. If your soil is too hard (compacted), it creates a hostile environment for growing grass. When soil is packed down, it prevents roots from getting the air and nutrients they need to grow, resulting in thin grass. In this case, lawn aeration and soil amendments are often helpful.
  • The lawn has not been properly watered or mowed. Good lawn care practices like proper mowing and lawn watering can go a long way toward preventing thin patchy lawns and bringing them back to health.
  • Not enough fertilizer. Lawns need soil with the proper pH and a balanced composition of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to stay in top condition.
  • A disease or insect problem is occurring. lawn diseases, such as powdery mildew, or insects like Japanese Beetles and grubs, can create thin, patchy grass.
  • Too much shade. Shade problems can also cause or contribute to thinning grass under trees or in random lawn patches. Even grass seeds that have been specially cultivated for use in shaded areas can struggle without enough sunlight, resulting in thin grass growth, straggly grass, and bare patches.

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