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The Process

Workshop Quotation Conditions 


Accurate Diagnosis for Expert Repairs

At Lawnmower Clinic Alberton, we’re committed to providing accurate diagnoses and efficient repairs for your lawn equipment. To achieve this, in most cases, a thorough examination of your machine’s engine or motor is necessary. This may involve partial disassembly to assess internal components and identify required spare parts.

Detailed Quotation, Transparent Process

Based on our inspection, we’ll create a detailed quotation outlining the necessary repairs, estimated parts and labour costs, and anticipated turnaround time. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions about your equipment’s repair.

Quotation Fee – Respecting Our Time and Expertise

While we strive to provide accurate diagnoses and fair quotations, the detailed examination process requires investment in both time and resources. Therefore, we implement a minimum quotation fee in the following situations:

  • R 300: Petrol Lawnmowers (Domestic), Trimmers, Chainsaws, Generators
  • R 500: Lawn Tractors/Ride-on Mowers, Industrial Machines
  • R 300: Electric Lawnmowers
  • R 150: Electric Trimmers

The minimum quotation fee is payable before you collect your machine. However, there are exceptions:

If you subsequently purchase a new machine from Lawnmower Clinic, the quotation fee will be waived.
If you choose to proceed with the repairs outlined in the quotation, the fee will be incorporated into the final repair cost.

Understanding and Agreement

By signing the job card (in store) or ticking the agree box below, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these quotation conditions as stated above.

Transparency and Fairness

We understand that the need for repairs can be unexpected, and we value your trust. Our quotation process and minimum fee policy are designed to ensure fair compensation for our time and expertise, while allowing you to make informed decisions about your equipment.

We’re here to help!

If you have any questions about our quotation process or minimum fee policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss your individual needs and concerns.

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Book a Service Online

Book a Service Online

From manicured lawns to towering trees, Lawnmower Clinic Alberton keeps Alberton’s gardens thriving with expert service for all your outdoor power tool needs.

We’re your one-stop shop, whether you need a tune-up for your trusty petrol lawnmower, a safety check for your electric trimmer, or a blade sharpening for your ride-on lawn tractor (we call them lawn tractors here!). We speak the language of Stihl chainsaws and Honda generators, tackling breakdowns and routine maintenance with equal skill.

Are brush cutters struggling to tame the wilderness? We’ll get them chomping through the foliage like champs. Whether your green thumb tackles a compact courtyard or a sprawling estate, Lawnmower Clinic Alberton has the expertise and parts to keep your tools humming happily.

Don’t let a sputtering engine or dull blade cramp your gardening mojo! Book your service online today and experience the Lawnmower Clinic Alberton difference – your outdoor oasis awaits! Plus, with our convenient online booking system, skipping the line is as easy as a click.

Schedule your appointment, get an instant quote, and breathe easy knowing your trusty tools are in expert hands. Let Alberton’s lawn whisperer work their magic and give your garden the TLC it deserves.


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